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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a contact lens prescriptions different than a eyeglasses prescription?

It depends on your prescription. Some people with strong prescription and astigmatism may need different power than their eyeglasses to compensate for it. When you order contact lenses, you must have a current contact lens prescription which specifies the power of the lenses, the size of the lens, the type and brand of lens.

2. Can I wear soft contact lenses if I have astigmatism?

Yes, you can wear a special type of soft contact lens called a toric lens which will correct your astigmatism. However, these lenses are typically more expensive and there are fewer types available than there are with regular (spherical) lenses.

3. Can I wear soft contact lenses if I need bifocals?

Yes, there are a number of contact lenses designed for people who need bifocal (multifocal) correction. However, same as the toric lenses, these lenses are typically more expensive and there are fewer types available than there are with regular (spherical) lenses.

4. If I only wear my monthly disposable contacts part time, do I still have to replace them every month?

No, the monthly replacement schedule refers to the actual amount of wearing time so they can last longer than a month if you are not wearing them full time. If you have any concerns please contact your eye doctor for more information.

5. My monthly disposable contacts lenses are still in good condition after 30 times of wear, do i still need to replace them?

In order to maintain optimal eye health and comfort, it is important to follow the wearing schedule prescribed by your doctor. One of the main advantages of wearing disposable lenses is that you are putting a fresh pair of lenses every cycle. Following the regular replacement schedule will be better for you eye in the long run.

6. Your website lists my lens as 2 week disposable, but my doctor says I can wear them for 4 weeks. Which is correct?

The lens wearing schedules on our website are provided by the contact lens manufacturers. However, doctors may decide on a different wearing schedule (shorter or longer) for an individual patient based on wearing habits, lifestyle, cleaning methods etc. You should always follow the wearing schedule prescribed by your doctor.

7. Do colored contact lenses work on dark eyes?

Yes, they are called opaque contacts as opposed to enhancer tints which work only on light colored eyes. There are also several disposable colored lenses for dark eyes including FreshLook ColorBlends and Freshkon ColorFusion.

8. Will coloured contact lenses look exactly the same colour on me like the one you show on your colour charts.

It may appear slightly different since different people have different natural eye colours. But the one on the chart will give you a really good indication how it will look like.

9. Can I swim with my disposable contact lenses on?

It is the best that you don't swim with your contacts lenses on, since there are bacteria in the water that may causes infection in your eye. If you decide to swim with your lenses on, please make sure you swim with your goggles on.

10. How good is your price?

We always shop around the online competitors and corporate chain store like Walmart, Costco, Lenscrafters etc to make sure we have the most competitive price around.

11. How long will it take for my lenses to arrive?

90% of the stock will arrive in 3-5 days within Canada; United States orders may take up to 7 days. However, if your lenses is backordered or special made like toric, multifocal or strong prescription, it may take another 3 to 4 days.

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